Mighty Baby is the home of Korean brands which include: I-ANGEL, CREAMHAUS, ECOMOM, K-MOM, AND MOTHER-K.

Mighty Baby began with a single dream in mind: to promote a closer bond between mother and child. This is through the affection fostered by our products. When I gave birth to my very own, I openly tried various products. After years of experience, I learned that certain products were best for my child. This is why I decided to share my discovery with fellow mothers.

Mighty Baby aims to build a community that has a strong connection with one another. We, as parents alike, want the best for our children and Mighty Baby is here to aid you. We are inspired to craft what is most suitable for our children to provide for their essential needs. We hope to inspire all mothers out there. We encourage you to give Mighty Baby a chance and explore all we have to offer.


Like the heart-filled, warm embrace of a mother.

The original creator of the first hipseat carrier, i-Angel.

Beginning with our launch into the Japanese market in 2009, i-Angel has been persistent in reaching out into the world. Today, i-Angel is embarking on a new horizon.

By innovating technological competitive advantages, we have elevated the quality of our products beyond being a mere accessory for carrying a baby to becoming an indispensable tool for mothers and caregivers. Made in Korea, the i-Angel brand exemplifies quality workmanship and provides a more balanced and stable user-child experience than other leading brands. Alongside offering superior products and quality, we see ourselves more as being invested in the caregiver and baby experience.

"i-Angel is Korea's leading brand. Loved worldwide."


MOTHER-K offering you the most natural and practical way to care for your baby!

It is loved by mommies in Southeast Asia because of its premium quality. MOTHER-K's priority is to provide safe and quality products. Through quality checks, continuous research and development, MOTHER-K has captured the hearts of many parents. It is currently exported to 7 different countries and its aim is to spread the love worldwide.


K-MOM is the sub brand of MOTHER-K, it is created for moms that are looking for affordable, natural, non toxic products. Best-selling product includes award-winning K-MOM Premium Natural Wipes that has undergone 6 steps of sterilization and has zero harmful chemicals. K-MOM aims to reach all moms that want only the best for their loved ones.


For a mother's love and devotion to her baby

ECOMOM is a brand that considers your baby's health first. Our motto is "Giving the best care that shows a mother's love for her baby."

Certified to provide 99.9% sterilization, our ECOMOM Anion Nursing Bottle Sterilizer is a brand you can trust.

ECOMOM cares for your baby's health and your family's happiness.

ECOMOM's Anion Nursing Bottle Sterilizer was created to meet the highest quality standards that moms can trust.


Taking the initiative in Korea's Premium Mat!

CREAMHAUS pursues a simple and modern "CREAMHAUS Style", considering your little dreamer's needs and desires. All of our products are made with premium materials from Korea. In addition, we manufacture and provide unique items through a strict and thorough inspection system.